About us

About us

Vésale Bioscience is a Belgian biotech, created in 2018 as a spin-out of Vésale Pharma thanks to its long experience in microbiotics.

We fight AntiMicrobial Resistant infections (AMR) with our personalized phage therapy solutions:
– We have developed a fast diagnostic tool Inteliphage®, an automated Phagogram, that will recommend the optimal phages association (2 or 3) to fight the patient’s bacteria.
– We produce a library of phages and deliver the selected phages as API for tailored magistral preparations. This approach dramatically increases the success rate of AMR treatments and has already been tested in more than 100 critically ill patients without major safety concerns. Our current phage library targets S.Aureus, K.Pneumoniae, E.Coli and P.Aeruginosa, responsible for 70% of AMR infections in EU & US.

Research & Development partnerships

Vésale Bioscience has a track record of successful partnerships with academic and clinical research organizations.

We have developed a broad scientific network, including the Queen Astrid Military Hospital (BE), Laboratory of Brussels University Hospitals (BE), Eliava Institute (Georgia), … and benefit from grants of the Walloon Region to develop innovative solutions for human and veterinary use.

Our success lies in our unique ability to identify novel phages across many indications, to purify, educate and produce them in the appropriate galenic to reach the targeted bacteria.

Vésale Bioscience is always interested in establishing new alliances and partnerships and welcome proposals in these areas.

We are also open to discussions with pharmaceutical companies the co-development of our innovative solutions outside of Europe or for veterinary use.

Commercial Partnerships

We are actively looking for commercial partners for our current assets. Many territories are still open for licensing/distribution agreements.

Contact for partnerships
Please submit your business development proposals via email to info@phage.health

Our team


Jehan Liénart van Lidth de Jeude

Founder of Vésale Bioscience and founder of Vésale Pharma.
Founded the largest Belgian marketing agency (Air) and was active chairman of the board of a contracted sales force organization.


Johan Quintens

Managing Director at Tramedico
Sales and Marketing at Yamamouchi Pharma
Master in Biology Sciences (RUG)


Guillaume de Viron

Part-time CFO of OncoDNA, Masthercell, Univercells, IMCYSE,… and 5 years Deloitte Consulting MSc of business


Gérald de Patoul

Co-founder of Oncomfort in May 2017 and acted for 4 years as Director and CFO, in charge of finance, tax, legal, insurance, human human resources, operations and quality management

Director of External Collaborations & Corporate Compliance

France Fannes

>10 years own entrepreneurial experience in IVD market
Managing Director of BioWin, the health competitiveness cluster in Wallonia (2010-2014)
Master in Biomédical Sciences (ULB)

Research Director

Bob Blasdel

18 peer-reviewed publications on phages
PhD in Biosciences Engineering (KULeuven) and Master in Sciences (Ohio State University)

Research Director Veterinary

Cyrille Ngassam

PhD in veterinary sciences, ULiège 2020
MSc mgmt of animal and plant resources, ULiège
Doctor (Hons) in veterinary medicine, EISMV of Dakar

Spokesman, Corporate Strategy Director

Eric Poskin

Strong experience in Communication and governmental affairs with several biotech companies

HR & admin. Director

Jacqueline Abrassart

Master in political sciences (UCL), Accounting (IFOSUP) & tax (ESA)


Philippe Ghem

CCO of ASIT biotech and large commercial experience with Grünenthal, Novartis, GSK
Commercial Engineer (ULB) and Master in Marketing (ICHEC)